HEAVY™ is a strategic design studio that helps organisations launch, evolve and reboot their brand.

There is no magic to how we work. We work rigorously and in close collaboration with our clients to design unique brand experiences. Together we challenge the ordinary with bold ideas and innovative concepts.


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We design for a new age

We design for a new age by working across creative boundaries. By blending creativity with technology, we create simple solutions to complex problems. Because by the end of the day, it is not about being digital or analogue – it is about being relevant.



Brand Identities / Visual Identities / Brand Experience / Interior Design / Spatial Design / Branded Spaces / Digital and Interactive Design /  Motion Graphics and Animation / Packaging Design / Strategic Design to Communication Design / Coffee Drinking







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We work with organisations of all sizes. Ranging from small disruptive start ups to large industry leaders. However they all share one common trait: An ambition to create unique and memorable experiences.


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