Nyt Hospital Herlev

Converting a conventional construction site into an Urban Gallery Experience.

Herlev Hospital is one of the major hospitals in Denmark. In the coming years the hospital will transform into a new major acute hospital providing a modern setting for families in the region.

During this process Herlev Hospital will undergo major architectural reconstructions to their facility which will dramatically alter the hospital experience for many years to come.

To create a soft transition Herlev Hospital wanted to turn the construction into an Urban Gallery transforming the irritations of a building site into an attraction. HEAVY designed a flexible and dynamic format for the Urban Gallery, which allows for a constant evolving outdoor art space that can change throughout the construction process.

HEAVY was responsible for the concept development as well as the curation and art direction of the artists.






One of the themes of the Urban Gallery was to portrait the staff and the patients of Herlev Hospital. Six portraits were painted by both national and international artists  – each with their own unique style and expression.



Visualising the future

The Artists were asked to interpret the new Herlev Hospital by drawing inspiration from Poul Gernes (The artist who designed the original interiors of Herlev Hospital), the new Architecture and the surrounding recreational areas.



  • Graffland Artist Management
  • Brandon Lewis Street Artist / Artist Management
  • Welin Street Artist
  • Project NADA Street Artists
  • Rasmus Nielsen Street Artist


  • Curation
  • Creative Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Artist Management
  • Project Management