Textile Museum Exhibition

The story of an industrial revolution

MADE IN MIDTJYLLAND is the new permanent exhibition at the Textile Museum in Herning. The exhibition tells the story of how the birth and boom of the textile industry, shaped the region of Central Denmark in the 1950s.


HEAVY was tasked to design the exhibition identity and graphics. The visual expression makes use of lines and typography in order to create the illusion of thread and fabric. By expressing this on industrial machine materials, we brought together the cultural and historic themes of the exhibition.



Layered presentation

All graphics was designed as individual layers to give the exhibition a simple and dynamic visual language.







Industrial materials

The graphics were printed on industrial steel plates and layered on top of each other as a reference to layers of fabric. On the plates we used laser cut graphics to further emphasise the idea of weaving historical content onto the walls.



The graphic concept was also used as an integrated part of the general wayfinding.


  • Torden & Lynild Exhibition Design
  • Kiss The Frog Digital Design
  • Kurtzweil A/S Production
  • Henrik Vierø Light Design
  • Kristoffer Birkkjær Nielsen Light Design


  • Graphic Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Identity
  • Merchandising
  • Graphic Production
  • Materials
  • Color Design
  • Wayfinding
  • Art Decorations