Designing a Brand for a nightlife experience out of the ordinary

Balderdash is a cocktail bar located in the heart of Copenhagen founded by Geoffrey Canilao – a prominent New York bartender with both national and international experience. By blending cocktail experiences with experimental gastro pop-up events, a contemporary art gallery and Danish pop-culture, Balderdash sets the frame for a night time experience like no other.


Through field research, we discovered that most cocktail bars in Copenhagen build their brand on heritage and craftmanship. To differentiate and support the idea of “not your average cocktail bar”, we designed a distinct visual expression that challenged industry conventions.


The Brand Identity is built on the concept of a “creative space” iconized as a “drink glass” that can be visually filled with unexpected experiences, eccentric atmosphere, distinct events and of course innovative cocktails.

The iconic solution has quickly become a strong and known symbol among those who love to indulge themselves in the Copenhagen cocktail scene.



Logo Illustrations

To truly embrace the various events and partnerships throughout the season, we have designed a simple concept: By adding photography or illustrations to the Balderdash logo, the brand adapts to all occasions putting collaboration at the heart of the experience.


Brand Communication

The Brand Communication is kept simple and witty across printed and digital media to capture the creative spirit of the brand.


Brand Culture

The identity is playful and invites the staff and guests to take part of building the brand universe through social media. Some have even gone as far as baking cookies, making their own merchandise and getting the logo tattooed(!).

    Project Team

  • Phong Phan Partner & Designer
  • Robert Daniel Nagy Partner & Designer
  • Anne Louise Ising Designer


  • Laura Gross Photographer

    What we did

  • Market Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Design Application
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Production
  • Brand Assets
  • Brand Guidelines