Not your average influencer agency

Hippo is an Influencer Marketing Management and Creative Agency. The company is lead by Rasmus Kolbe (@Lakserytteren) – one of Denmark’s premier Social Media influencers. Hippo represents a fine selection of the most influential Danish Social Media personalities on YouTube, Snapchat and Musical.ly.

HEAVY designed a visual identity to capture the playful and creative spirit of Hippo and the talent they represent. The visual language is built on a set of illustrative guidelines, which help position Hippo as an agency that truly speaks the language of Young Millennials.






The Identity System

The Visual Identity is designed to work dynamically across all social media and engages the audience in fun and unexpected ways.

Highlighting Illustration

The graphic highlights work as an easy-to-use graphic element that can be applied in various ways on almost anything from icons to typography.





The merchandise line is aimed to bring fans closer to their favourite influencers.


  • Mathilde Boe Photography
  • Rasmus Kolbe Photography & Illustration
  • Kristine Sloth Photography


  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Illustration