Empowering the next generation of scientists

    Designed for
  • Labster
    Area of business
  • Edtech
    Provided with
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design

Labster is an EdTech startup that provides immersive learning experiences through virtual laboratory simulations for science education. We designed the brand and visual identity.

Labster needed their brand to better reflect the engaging and interactive nature of it’s EdTech products.

Repositioning themselves as the premier platform for engaging Science Education on a University level.

We design a unique visual identity anchored by a bespoke logo — an abstract “L” — that doubles as a visual portal into Labster’s immersive learning world.

Labster’s Brand Identity became all about reflecting the immersive learning experiences that they offered.

Our rebranding positioned Labster as a serious leader in the EdTech industry, aligning their brand identity with their innovative approach to virtual learning.