Textile Museum Exhibition

The story of an industrial revolution

We partnered with the Textile Museum in Herning to shape the visual identity and exhibition graphics for their new permanent exhibition, MADE IN MIDTJYLLAND.

The exhibition aimed to tell the story of the textile industry’s influence in shaping the region during the 1950s. The museum needed an identity that did justice to both the industry’s legacy and the cultural heritage.

We leaned into woven lines and typography to design an identity that mimic the textures of thread and fabric. We chose industrial materials, like steel plates, to resonate with the industrial themes. The graphics were layered and laser-cut, enriching the visual language with depth.

​After the opening of the new permanent exhibition, the Textile Museum in Herning saw an unprecedented surge in visitors. This rise in engagement is not just a win for the museum but a testament to the power of a coherent exhibition experience that makes cultural history accessible to everyone.


  • Torden & Lynild Exhibition Design
  • Kiss The Frog Digital Design
  • Kurtzweil A/S Production
  • Henrik Vierø Light Design
  • Kristoffer Birkkjær Nielsen Light Design


  • Graphic Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Identity
  • Merchandising
  • Graphic Production
  • Materials
  • Color Design
  • Wayfinding
  • Art Decorations