Blending privacy and identity in Web3

    Designed for
  • Concordium
    Area of business
  • Blockchain
    Provided with
  • Brand Identity
  • Motion Graphics

Concordium is a blockchain company that provides a unique layer 1 platform, emphasizing privacy and integrated identity verification

Concordium wanted to reposition their brand to reflect their approach to privacy with identity. Hereby highlighting a unique selling point in their approach to Web3.

To show Concordium’s commitment to Privacy and Identity, we developed a design element that could represent transparency.

In the design the flexible visual identity, enabled us to partially hides and reveals visual elements in a visually stunning way.

The rebranding bolstered Concordium with a powerful, professional brand that strengthens its position as an innovative leader in Web3 and blockchain technology.



  • Morph Collective
  • Sabina Karlson Client Lead
  • Ruth Davis Copywriter
  • Casper Holbek Digital Designer

“The previous visual identity was leaning more on the business side. But there is a huge crypto-native community out there who is also interested in our project. If you look at the visual identity, the WEB3 agency we hired managed to make a very good bridge between those two.”