Architects and Engineers unite

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  • AI Architects
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  • Design & Engineering
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  • Brand Identity
  • Design Strategy

AI Architects, based in Copenhagen, is a pioneering architecture and engineering consultancy with a dedicated focus on sustainable solutions.

In an industry often rooted in tradition, how could AI distinctively communicate its innovative approach?

AI’s new logo seamlessly combines the elements of a compass and a pen, symbolizing precision and innovation. To further emphasize AI’s methodical yet inventive approach, a series of bespoke logo illustrations were designed for various application across various media.

While many competitors primarily highlighted their accomplishments, AI’s revitalized identity positioned them distinctively, emphasizing their thought processes and innovative mindset. This strategic rebranding encapsulated the essence of intelligent architecture, reflecting it through equally intelligent branding.



  • Creative Circle Awards Design Shortlist
Architects and engineers – Intelligent architecture