Always pushing forwards

    Designed for
  • Keep Winning
    Area of business
  • Active Wear
    Provided with
  • Brand Identity
  • Motion Graphics

Keep Winning is a Taiwan-based Sports Active Wear startup that embodies the mantra of persistence and perseverance.

Keep Winning (KEWI) wanted their branding to embody the mantra: to persevere and continue pushing forward. This ethos needed to be infused into every aspect of the brand, from product design to its brand communication.

To encapsulate KEWI’s brand promise, we developed a Brand Design Concept centered around the theme of consistency through repetition. This concept became the foundation for the Brand Toolkit, influencing everything from the logo and graphics to copywriting.

The Visual Brand Identity and Toolkit enabled KEWI to rapidly iterate on designs without compromising consistency, providing them with the agility and coherence necessary to carve out a niche in the marketplace.