Simplifying Northern Europe's largest shipping and logistics company

    Designed for
  • DFDS
    Area of business
  • Shipping & Logistics
    Provided with
  • Corporate Brand Identity
  • Brand Redesign
  • Brand Identity Manual
  • On-going Support

In close partnership with DFDS, Scandinavia’s premier integrated shipping and logistics firm, we revamped their Corporate Visual Identity in alignment with their new unified branding strategy of 2015

DFDS sought to consolidate its various sub-brands under a single umbrella: DFDS. This required a refreshed visual identity that embodied their new corporate branding vision, while paying homage to their legacy.

We introduced a cohesive visual framework anchored in simplification. This included a revitalized logo with a refined Maltese Cross, a bespoke brand typeface integrated into the wordmark, and balanced design elements for a harmonious look.

The updated color and graphic systems ensured DFDS remained consistent, robust, and adaptable across all platforms.

By streamlining DFDS’s brand, we established a unified and powerful brand experience for both customers and stakeholders. HEAVY’s partnership as a Brand Advisor with DFDS encompassed diverse facets of the brand journey, from motion graphics and interior aesthetics to external communications and on-board experiences.