Pioneering the next generation of AI

    Designed for
  • Literal Labs
    Area of business
  • Edge AI and Semiconductor IP
    Provided with
  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Digital Design
  • Motion Design

Literal Labs is a UK-based deeptech startup, that develops edge AI that is faster, explainable, and up to 10.000 times more energy efficient than Neural Networks.

Literal Labs’ technology enables machine learning that is both energy-efficient and fast, balancing performance with efficiency. To make their products and offerings easier to understand, Literal Labs needed to rebrand and simplify how they communicate the brand’s technology and offering.

The brand identity’s visual concept revolves around a shrinking/growing square pattern, representing the “less is more” nature of Literal Labs’ optimized technology and business approach. This concept was transformed into a design system that offered striking visual flexibility and adaptability across the website, motion design, presentation decks, expos, and more.

Following the rebranding, Literal Labs received notable attention from international media, investors and the industry. This led to securing a new round of funding and establishing their voice as one of the UK’s emerging deep tech startups.


    Partnered with

  • Commplicated
  • Hailey Eustace Strategy and Communications